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Everybody needs a good antivirus software on their computer and there are many security software available  over internet, are they doing their part well? do you know few of antivirus software take up several days to recognize and update their virus library. and in this interval of time that may threaten your PC. although you have security software installed and you

Zemana AntiLogger Software Key Features:

  • Security offering to your Internet banking and financial transactions
  • Information protection in emails and Instant Messages
  • Anti-SSL Logger (First in World) Protects all operations that use SSL protocol.
  • Anti-WebCam Logger Secures your web cam
  • Anti-Key Logger Prevents applications from logging your keystrokes.
  • Anti-ClipBoard Logger Prevents malwares from taking snapshots of your clipboard, including memory capture.
  • Anti-Screen Logger Prevents harmful applications from capturing pictures and images of your computer screen when you are plugging in sensitive data such as bank account information with Virtual Keyboard.
  • System Defence Prevents any harmful applications that can effect your system

How to get this Giveaway:

  1. Go to Giveaway Page
  2. Click on Download
  1. Leslie Winder

    Sir, you seem to have made a mistake. The link you posted is not a Zemana AntiLogger giveaway. Instead, when I click on the link I am taken to a web page where Zemana AntiLogger is being offered at 60 percent off it’s usual price. Thank you anyway.

    • CE

      sorry for the mistake from our side sir, we try our level best to offer you all these at one place, it must be a malfunction from our side. Kind of you to inform us. and will let you know when ever the giveaway takes place another time

  2. Mitchell

    It says 60% off? Not a “Free Download Giveaway”

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