Video2Cartoon transforms videos into cartoon-looking videos in 4 easy steps: 1. You import the video you want to transform into a cartoon. 2. You trim a segment of the video to convert or choose the entire video if you wish. 3. You set the cartoon outcome to how you want it to look. 4. You command the conversion and wait for your cartoon to get ready. Video2Cartoon is a perfect video-in cartoon-out machine. Videos come out like cartoons and do not lose audio sync. There are many parameters to play with when looking for the cartoon look you want for your video. Playing with the parameters is much fun. You can get a lot of different cartoon looks. The program will satisfy even expert users. Video2Cartoon applies various mathematical transformations over the original video, making the conversion process slow depending on the video duration you want to convert. The inner workings of the software are simple: The app breaks the video into frames, then applies the mathematical transformations over each frame, and finally puts it all together perfectly. Nothing changes from the original movie except the look. Video2Cartoon is a stand-alone tool that produces a video effect you can only achieve utilizing expensive professional video editing packages. Current software-related products convert photos to cartoons. Video2Cartoon takes the next evolutionary step bringing cutting-edge technology ready for your computer. Video2Cartoon runs on PCs and Macs, and the more memory and CPU power your computer has, the faster the software will work. Main Features: 1. Unparalleled technology ready for your computer. 2. Import videos and get cartoons. 3. Export to formats you can immediately share on social media like MP4. 4. Tens of parameters to play with when looking for the perfect cartoon look for your video. 5. No learning curve. Install and play right out the box. Extra features: 1. The program allows you to save movie snapshots to cartoon-like PNG images on your hard disk. 2. Wide range of formats you can choose for exporting. 3. Import video by drag & drop. Video2Cartoon can make cool cartoon-like videos for you to have fun with your friends. Video2Cartoon works with MP4, WMV, MOV, MPG, AVI, FLV, and other formats. You will be pleased with the results Video2Cartoon can generate for you.
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