Vaultage Password Manager

Rating: 4.8/5

Trusted by hundreds of people for over 10 years, Vaultage is the Offline, Simple and Secure Password Manager for Android.

Vaultage is a password manager which prides itself on integrity. The software has been designed to be noninvasive, clean and easy to use. This application does not require any network connectivity, so anything you store in your ‘vault’ is at minimal risk of becoming compromised.

Too many Password Managers suffer from ‘scope creep’, this means that they gradually ask for more and more permissions from you, they try to backup or store your credentials in the cloud (alarm bells!) or they hit you up for an ongoing subscription.

Vaultage isn’t like the other Password Managers. Installing Vaultage gives you access to all features and we never have access to your credential store. In fact, Vaultage never requests permission to the network so it makes it vastly more secure.

With a simple set of features, our aim is to not over-complicate good password security.

– No Ads Guarantee!
– Organized Design
– Backup & Restore Wizard
– Intruder Detection
– Interactive Password Strength Indicator
– Quick Search
– Encrypted Local Storage
– Secure screenshot blocking
– Automatically clears clipboard of copied passwords after 60 seconds
– Minimal Installation Requirements (e.g. no network access required)
– Easy Password Sorting
– 2nd level PIN security option for additional security on specific passwords
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