Tien Remake Demo

A remake Chinese game. Third-person action adventure in the best traditions of this genre. The action takes place in ancient China, which means that martial arts come first. While Ari, our hero, goes through quest after quest, his skills will grow. In Buddhist temples, in terrifying underground caves, in magical high-mountain palaces, Ari will pursue the minions of the dark force, mastering the art of Kung Fu. Peculiarities: 1. Modern graphics 2. Updated characters, opponents, items. 3. Ability to select a level through the menu 4. The demo version includes 3 levels and a boss at the end. How to play: Control is done using the keyboard and mouse, the W A S D key to move the player and the E button to open doors. The shot is made using the left mouse button. The player places a block with the right mouse button. Jump spacebar. In the game menu in the settings there are controls, sound, video. In the level selection menu, levels open as you complete them. When you start a new game, a loading window opens. To start loading the level, click on the start button below.
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