The Last Dawn : The first invasion

The first of the trilogy The Last Dawn : The first invasion. You will assume the role of James Lewis, a doctor who was sent along with a rescue group to search for survivors in the middle of an extraterrestrial invasion. In the middle of the trip all the vehicles and electrical objects are affected causing a terrible accident for you and all your companions, apparently the electricity reacts strangely when the beings approach.You can use this advantage at night since the enemies are undetectable to the human eye, all the lights and electronic devices will start to work when the enemies approach them.You must survive the invasion and, if possible, find a way to eliminate them. – It is recommended to play with the default music, 100% headphones and lights off. – It is extremely important to read the main notes to understand the background of the story of The Last Dawn – Escap—É between holes and difficult access steps stooping and if you need to flee from a situation should run in a hurry to save your life. – Survive claustrophobic and closed places. – You can adjust without problems graphic quality, brightness and language settings to adapt the way of playing to each user. The Last Dawn: The first invasion, is the first installment of a great historical universe
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