The Air Ruler

The Air Ruler is a 2D side-scrolling shooter with unique graphics and addictive gameplay, Aeria defies the darkness, reveals the secrets of the underwater kingdom and restores peace and harmony in the waters that he loves and protects. In the fascinating world of the underwater depths, there is a mysterious kingdom of the seas, which has long been hidden from human eyes. However, in the shadow of this aquatic kingdom, a conspiracy is brewing, whose task is to seize power over all sea creatures. The dark forces known as the “Lords of Darkness” use magic to enslave the inhabitants of the seas and force them to fight against their fellows. At this point, a hero named Aeria, an aerial newt, comes into play. She has the unique ability to control the air and fire energy projectiles.Aeria engages in battle with the Lords of Darkness to free her underwater brothers and sisters, as well as prevent the magical enslavement of the entire underwater world.
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