TEXT – is a keyboard simulator game. Want to learn how to type on the keyboard at the speed of light? Then this simulator is for you! Choose 1 of 9 game types and train your typing skills! This game is suitable for both novice computer users and very experienced, because for them the goal is to set the biggest record in each game mode! Category “SCROLL” Type the letters before they leave the screen! Green letters replica life, red ones take it! CLASSIC Mode: Letters scroll from left to right. FLOAT mode: Letters float up from the bottom. BOUNCE Mode: Letters fall from the top and bounce down. Category “QUICK DRAW” Type the letters as soon as they appear! 1min time limit. Missing letters results in a time penalty. SINGLE Mode: One letter appears at a time. SECTIONS mode: Letters appear in group, choose your own order. TARGET mode: Letters fill the screen, but you can only type the one highlighted. Category “WORDS” Type out complete words 1 min time limit. Wrong letters results in a time penalty. FORWARDS mode: Spell the word from left to right. BACKS Mode: Spell the word from right to left. RANDOM Mode: Spell the word randomly.
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