Tenpin Toolkit: Bowling Tools

Rating: 4.7/5

“Every bowler should have Tenpin Toolkit on every device they own. It’s an incredible information source and provides so many things to help you learn, get better and challenge yourself.”

Tim Mack
USBC Hall of Famer & Storm’s Director of Global Relations

“A brilliant app with tools to help you develop and learn different skills. The observation trainer is a great way to train your eyes to start watching your ball go down the lane”

Verity Crawley
PWBA Professional & SCAD Team Coach

“As UAE National Head Coach, I use Tenpin Toolkit to explain to my players how to play the lanes and the 3D view really helps them see the proper line. The Observation Trainer helps them learn to follow their ball through the pins and start to understand why things happen.”

Mika Koivuniemi
PBA Hall Of Famer. 14 Titles. Two-time Player of the Year.

“I use Tenpin Toolkit at PBA level and as a coach. The lane play portion is fantastic, with the ability to show getting the ball right quickly which is crucial on the PBA Tour. The observation trainer is really good for helping players watch the ball go off the deck and determining dominant eye to help alignment. One of the best $ 9.99 I have ever spent and the most realistic app in the world for what I am doing.”

Jim Callahan
PBA Tour Manager at Storm Bowling

“Tenpin Toolkit is easily the best tool I’ve found to help bowlers of all levels improve their lane play and observation skills.”

Andy Penny
USBC Gold Coach & Former Team England Head Coach

A collection of useful tools for tenpin bowlers and coaches including:

– Angles & Targeting –
Adjust your targets to show a shot on the lane diagram and work out the exact path the ball should take from the start of the approach.

– Axis Tilt & Rotation –
Take a picture or video of your ball with a PAP (Positive Axis Point) marker and position it beneath a guide to get an approximate measurement of your axis tilt and rotation.

– Ball Speed & RPM –
Calculate the speed the ball travels down the lane. Use a video for greater accuracy and slow the video down to measure rev rate.

– Observation Trainer –
Watch bowling balls travel down a simulated lane to test and improve your ability to observe ball motion.

– Score Calculator –
A calculator for bowling scoring and a great way for beginners to learn how the scoring system works.

– Spare Names –
Just for fun, tap on the pins to see the nicknames of common spares.

Premium features can be unlocked with an in-app subscription. Subscriptions will be applied to your Apple App Store account, after a 3 day trial period, and will automatically renew annually unless canceled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel anytime in your Apple App Store account settings.

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