Temperota – for Tesla

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The standalone Wear OS app allows you to control your Tesla car functions:
– ac on/off
– sentry on/off
– schedule ac & steering wheel/driver seat heating all week or working days (both smartwatch and car need an internet connection)
– see battery/charging status
– change the charging limit
– flash once
– honk once
– fart once
– remote start the car (2 minutes limit)
– open frunk
– lock/unlock the car
– open/close the trunk

The app allows the control of all the cars of the same account.

If your smartwatch doesn’t allow copy/paste, use the free app Amitto.

The app only stores the refresh token locally and encrypted. No data is sent or collected.

My app is not affiliated with Tesla. It’s just a project I created for myself and then decided to make available to all.
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