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Abylon SHAREDDRIVE 19.10.3

The software abylon SHAREDDRIVE protects sensitive data from unauthorized access by encryption with recognized encryption algorithms. The original files can only be accessed if the correct password is known or if the appropriate hardware key is available. Access is possible via

Abylon App-Blocker Private 2020

Many processes and services are started automatically during Windows logon. These programs are partially invisible to the user and perform tasks such as monitoring the machine and user, checking for updates, or performing periodic tasks. The software abylon APP-BLOCKER groups the

abylon SHREDDER Private

The software abylon SHREDDER deletes selected files securely and irretrievably from the hard disk. In addition the data is overwritten up to 35 times with random characters. Deletes files and Internet traces (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera) without residue. Cleans orphaned

abylon BASIC 16

abylon BASIC is a collection for encrypting, signing, compressing, searching, copying, or moving of files and folders. The software supports the blowfish- and AES encryption algorithm and passwords, smart cards, certificates, and USB sticks. All modules integrate completely into the context


Abylon WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER provides an alternative to Windows’ network scanning function, offering enhanced speed and reliability. It can be of use in finding nearby Wi-Fi connections, allowing you to identify free hotspots that can grant you Internet access. Available wireless networks are