SyvirPC (30+ Sensors) 2.20

PC diagnostic software that performs checks on your computers hardware. SyvirPC is like having a pc doctor inside your pc. Check your system for problems before they become serious issues and you end up losing data. Regular checks on your p.c will spot problems before they become failures. PC diagnostics is the main part of SyvirPC. The program also makes an inventory list of pc hardware. SyvirPC builds a 3D model of the target PC based on Windows WMI data. If this data is incomplete this will be reflected in the 3D model, hardware inventory and diagnostics information. Includes over 30 sensors that check key components: BIOS, CD/DVD Drive, CPU, Hard Disk, Ethernet, Fans, Infra Red, Keyboard, External Memory Cards, Motherboard, OS, Parallel Port, PCI Slots, PCMCIA, Pointing Device, Power Supply Unit, Serial Port, Sound Port, System Memory, Temperature Probe, USB ports, Video, Wireless. NB: 6-month license. Includes all available Sensors. Full Version.
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