Super Runner {Pro}

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Super sprinter {Pro} !! Run as fast as you’ll , Dodge the limits coming your direction.

Cross with out loosing, Catch them with the guide of utilizing tossing bounties and kicking balls hitting them!

Keep away from limits with the guide of utilizing jumping and sliding , walking around the roads,

Hit and kick them with devices you choose to your way,

Catch them all to recover.

Missions are of explicit objectives with excellent diversion sorts.

Progress through the road map with the guide of utilizing completing missions of sorts as underneath:

Pursue sprinter, Kick Balls, Coin Collection, Item Collections and produce it back.

Unique running mode, unending mode and games online surge. In the games mode, you can get chests and shock to notice the blessing, jewel, coins or props.


This is no standard runway. Appreciate unending fun as you run through secret space. There are numerous new universes to find as you’re running.
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