Super Monkey Legend

Monkey Island Adventure takes you for a run in the jungle! You have a special force to kill other monkeys and complete the levels. Your monkey generation needs freedom in the jungle. First your monkey needs to escape the bad monkey lands and enjoy the jungle adventures path. An amazing adventure game with 50 levels, amazing characters and beautiful worlds! Run and jump around the levels getting all the coins you can. Buy new characters, weapons or clothing for the characters! If you like games where you have to run and jump, and you like to run through temples, jungles, subways or cities, then you have found exactly what you need. Fight with the different enemies and kill them! Mount in foxes, f lying bugs and wild pigs and go far with them! *****Super Monkey Legend Features****** Many Worlds (Forest world, Fire World, Ice Land, Mountain World etc) * Each world/Land contains many levels (Total Level is 40 + 10 Cloud World as a bonus levels). * Each world contains different enemies or hurdles. * Complete first World all levels and unlock 2nd world and so on….. * Very good and Great photograph and lovely and cute monkeys. * Good and smooth Control (easy to play). * Double jump feature. * Ride on different animals or creatures. * Player money contains different types of weapons, it’s used to kill the enemy monkey and other enemies. * Players are also able to use power Up, When needed. * Many products available in store, like clothes, monkeys, weapons, Power Up, Crown, Gloves etc. * Design your money as you like.
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