Stealthy ninja

Mysterious, insidious and invincible warriors who masterfully control their bodies… Of course, we are talking about the ninja, who for several centuries have been considered a true legend of Japanese martial arts. If you dream about visiting the Land of the Rising Sun, participating in a secret and deadly operation, then Stealthy ninja is designed especially for you! Stealthy ninja is a side-view platformer with an exciting and fun gameplay. You will have to run through intricate mazes, climb ceilings, climb vertical walls and collect scattered coins on the levels. We guarantee a lot of dizzying experiences that will test all your skills: speed, endurance, courage. The most difficult tasks and a lot of fun from the completed missions. Become a representative of a closed legendary clan and plunge into the world of incredible passions and tooth-crushing adventures! Game Features: Old school gameplay Pixel art graphics Steam Achievements
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