Space Rush

Rating: 0/5

Space rush is a hyper casual game that will challenge your reaction time & reflexes. The goal is to keep the star in its square orbit. The concept of the game is inspired by classic snake game.

How to play
Control the shooting star by tapping on the screen & avoid collisions around the corners of the orbit. Collect rotating baits to gain points. Only the very best can make it to 1000 points!

Game Features
★ Fun & challenging game play. A perfect time killer.
★ One thumb controls. Tap to play!
★ Control the star in different galaxies.
★ Celestial music & graphics.
★ Small game size.
★ Designed for various screen sizes.
★ No internet or wi-fi is required. The game is completely offline.

Final Words
Beware! The game starts off easy but the difficulty escalates quickly. See how long you can survive.

Please don’t forget to share with your friends. Have fun:)

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