Softease Collage Maker for Mac – Free Unlimited Giveaway

Softease Collage Maker for Mac – Free Unlimited Giveaway


Making photo collage can’t be easier. There are six templates provided to make various style of digital collage, including Free Style, Grid, Classic, Heart, Circular and Focus.  You just need to choose a collage style, drag your photos. Only need a few clicks and seconds, users can make a photo collage, whether they are seasoned or new learner. Sure, you can make a more beautiful collage – change both the size of photo and frame, rotate the photos to make it display at the direction you want, zoom in / zoom out photo to the perfect size, create shadow for collage, customize a nice background, and more. After you finish the picture collage, you can save it in JPEG, PNG, TIFF formats, send it to family members and friends via Email, and upload to Facebook and Flickr to draw attention.

How to get Softease Collage Maker for Mac for free ?

1. Go to the promo page here

2. Enter your E-mail ID and click Send me key code.

3. You can also download the application by clicking Download.

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