Smart Photo Import – Free Unlimited Giveaway

Smart Photo Import – Free Unlimited Giveaway

Smart Photo Import

Smart Photo Import helps to import photos from cameras and other sources while automatically copying and renaming them for maximum organization. With Smart Photo Import, there’s no need to engage in the tedium of manually creating and managing folders and subfolders to hold your photos – everything is done automatically for you, and your folders are updated automatically with each import.

You can even use Smart Photo Import to help make sense of your existing collection of photos – just define your renaming and sorting options and drag and drop the files into the Smart Photo Import browser. You can use Smart Photo Import to convert files to different formats. And even better, Smart Photo Import allows you to add custom formats, allowing you to extend the import process to almost any type of file!

How to get the Smart Photo Import for free ?

1. Go to the promo page here

2. Click Ger it for free

3. Follow the On-screen instructions.

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