SkyLife: VoxelSurvival

You got lost here for some ridiculous reason and had to escape.You have to collect materials, procure food, and search for rockets.Survival ModeAt first, collect logs and craft woods. Don’t forget to collect the leaves at this time! Look around. And then build a bridge towards the nearest island. You can easily build a bridge by using “Bridge Assist”. Take out the item from the box on the island. In rare cases, it may contain very rare items. And in the same way, look around and build a bridge. Once the blocks have been gathered to some extent, we will head to an island that we have never seen.There may be new discoveries on new islands.Eventually find the rocket and escape. Challenge ModeUnlike survival mode, it is a mode to achieve the goal in a short time.Players compete for points or times in a specially generated world that is unusual. Challenge mode content may be added with updates.NoteAll languages ​​except Japanese are translated using machine translation.
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