Sapora Tasks : ToDo List, Planner, Task, Reminder

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Plan your day using Sapora tasks by creating lists which will help you to plan your day,set your tasks and track your goals. It helps you stay organised and manage your day-to-day tasks.
Create shopping list, take notes, plan a event or simply track your tasks to increase your productivity and priortise what matters to you. It comes with 15+ languages so that you will feel right at the home.Minimal yet effective user interface allows you to create and delete list.Within each list you can set tasks or remove them so that you can even track milestones.

beautiful simple todo list & task app
Sapora Tasks is a simple todo list app that priortise simplicity and ease of use. Whether you want a shopping list, grocery list or you just have lots of things to remember Tasks is built for
you.Minimal UI ensures that you focus only on the tasks not on unnecessary features.

Feel right at home
Sapora tasks is available in 15+ languages that makes you feel right at home.

• Features
★ Create & delete lists
★ Sort lists according to dates.
★ Add or delete task to each list so that you can keep track of different milestones in that list.
★ Available in 15+ languages

• Note:-
This app is active in development & a community-driven effort. If you want to request a feature, email us at [email protected] .

•Languages Available:-
★ English
★ Española
★ हिन्दी
★ русский
★ Deutsche
★ Française
★ Italiana
★ 中文
★ Portuguesa
★ 日本語
★ 한국어
★ ਪੰਜਾਬੀ
★ தமிழ்
★ മലയാളം
★ বাংলা
★ ગુજરાતી
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