Russian Driver 3D

Try this new exciting game about driving old Russian cars. The game has 3 game modes: Parking, Destroyer and Offroad. In Parking mode, you need to get to the parking space avoiding traffic cones and other obstacles along the way. You will need precise driving skills. In Destroyer mode, you need to destroy all the fuel barrels on your way and get to the finish line in the allotted time. In this mode, the levels are spacious and driving skills are not as important as in the previous game mode. In Offroad mode, you need to get to the finish line on the old UAZ-469 SUV through off-road. In this mode, you will need maximum focus on the road. The path runs through difficult terrain and you need to very carefully overcome them while avoiding the obstacles in your path. If you like driving games with realistic driving physics, then this game is a simulator for you.
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