Rock Adventure

Rock adventure is a runner made in an atmospheric New Year’s style. In the game you have to go through many dangerous obstacles, while maintaining the integrity of your stone and at the same time gaining experience points. Also in the game there is an in-game currency, in the form of coins. With the coins you earn, you can change the appearance of the stone to your liking. There are other unique currencies in the game, collecting which you can unlock beautiful achievements and buy higher quality boulders. Buying a new boulder, you increase its strength, speed, as well as other useful characteristics. In addition to interesting mechanics, the game has beautiful graphics, achieved by us thanks to the competent post-processing settings, as well as the use of high-quality PBR materials. The game has good optimization, thanks to which it will run smoothly even on the weakest devices. How to play : Control your boulder to travel as far as possible and collect as many different in-game currencies as possible. Management in the game is as simple as possible. Use the A and D keys to control the boulder. Despite such a simple control, consisting of two keys, the game is very complex. Each time it will become more and more difficult for you, but the further you go, the more coins, points and stars you will get. You can spend stars and coins to buy new boulders. By purchasing another boulder and selecting it, you can significantly improve the characteristics of your boulder, thereby greatly simplifying the game!
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