Repeat the image: Animals

Repeat the image: Animals – is a game for very young children. The essence of the game is that the game provides the main image with a certain animal, and the player below on the screen will be randomly offered four options of animals, but the player must choose an animal, very similar to the main image!This game is perfect for children aged 2-3 years old. In this game, 322 different and high-quality images are collected! Will come across images: sharks, hippos, squirrels, beavers, badgers, wolves, dolphins, hedgehogs, giraffes, hares, zebras, snakes, wild boars, kangaroos, goats, cows, cats, crabs, crocodiles, chickens, foxes, moose, horses, lions, frogs, bears, jellyfish, starfish, sea horses, flies, monkeys, deer, donkeys, octopuses, Panthers, spiders, parrots, PUM, bees, lynx, pigs, elephants, dogs, owls, tigers, turtles! Key features: – Educational game for kids – Collected beautiful and high quality images – 46 different animals and 322 images!
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