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Welcome to Relaxing Sounds For Sleeping App. Here is our Meditation music app features.

– Create a mixture of any sound and create your melodies.
-Save your customized sounds to the library and listen anytime anywhere.
-Adjust the volume of each relaxing sounds separately.
-Built-in timer. Choose time to play sounds.
Auto Play
-Every and Every nature sound is completely free.
Works offline

-Rain: Morning Rain, Light Rain and in Tent sound, Rain in forest, Umbrella, Heavy rain, Window, Thunder, Distant thunder and Roof
-Ocean: Waver, Calm Waves, Scuba Diver, Whale
-Wind and Fire: Light wind, Strong Wind Sound, Mountain wind, Fireplace sound
-River: River, Waterfall, Brook and Creek
-Countryside: Blackbirds, Cowbells, Eagle, Train horn, Crows, Sheep, Farm, Horse and Cicadas
-Oriental: Bowls, Om, Chimes, Gong, Flute and Bells sounds
-Night: Crickets, Wolves, Frog, Grasshoppers, Loon, Owls and Coyote sounds
-City: Musician, Children, Road work, Coffee shop, Traffic, Train Station, Fountain and Subway
-Home: Fan, Vacuum Cleaner, Cat purring, Shower, Fridge and Vintage clock sounds
-Relaxing: Piano, Harp, Native, Guitar, Flute Violin and Sax sounds
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