Quick Pieces

Quick Pieces is a puzzle game that is suitable for both children and adults. With its help, you can train your memory and logic, as well as develop your skills in assembling puzzles. The game consists of 15 levels, each of which contains 25 elements. Before the start of the level, you are given the opportunity to familiarize yourself with a hint that will help you remember the pattern and assemble the puzzle correctly. An additional hint is available in case of difficulties. The simple and intuitive interface makes the game easy to use, even for the youngest players. Just click on the elements to swap them and assemble the puzzle. If the level turns out to be too difficult, you can use the opportunity to skip it and move on to the next one. Or choose any level from the list of available ones. Quick Pieces is a great entertainment that will help you spend time with benefit and pleasure. Try yourself at assembling puzzles and complete all the levels of this game!
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