Puzzles Of The Past

“Puzzles Of The Past” game is a simple and fun game that is ideal for children, allowing them to do something interesting and entertaining while their parents are busy with business. The game features 15 levels, each of which consists of 25 elements. Before the start of each level, players are given a hint with an image that appears for a few seconds and then disappears so that the player has the opportunity to memorize the pattern. After the hint time is over, you can start the game. In addition, the game has an additional hint that will help players in case of difficulties. The simple and intuitive interface is designed for easy use by children. To swap two elements, just click on them and they will automatically swap places. After the puzzle is assembled correctly, a button appears at the bottom of the screen that allows you to move to the next level, which encourages the player to move on and overcome new difficulties. If a level causes difficulty, it is possible to skip it by clicking on the arrow button. The game also offers the opportunity to start from any level by selecting it in the “level selection” section. This is especially useful for children who prefer challenges and want to start more difficult tasks right away. Control – mouse
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