Putin takes taxes

Putin takes taxes – This kind of simulator President. If your people do not pay taxes need to solve this problem personally! Therefore, Putin left the Kremlin that would collect tribute from his people and restore order on the street. But not all of its people do not pay taxes, some of them go with toy ducks, and it’s not legal! People with ducks need to be sent to jail! The meaning of the game is that it is necessary to approach each passing person and apply certain actions to it. If a passing person has a picture of money next to his head, then it is necessary to force him to pay taxes! But if a duck is depicted, then it is necessary to put it in jail.Each time a graphical window with action buttons appears in random order and this makes the game more complicated. Features: – Important for 2017-2018 – The opportunity to be President of Russia – A lot of communication with the people of your country. – A randomly generated stream of people passing by.
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