Purple Virus

You control a nanorobot that has been implanted into the body of a sick person. To survive, you need to control the nanorobot to destroy all viruses in the human body. The virus can be destroyed in two ways. The first is that a collision with a virus destroys it, but in this case, the energy of the nanorobot decreases. Second, by moving particles, you can close the virus in a trap so that he cannot move, then after a while he will die. You also need to protect body cells. If all cells are destroyed then you are lost. Some viruses multiply. Other viruses destroy the protective particles. There is a dangerous virus that can attack a nanorobot, and can also very quickly destroy a cell of the body. You need to develop tactics to survive and destroy the purple virus. The game has 10 levels. ——————————– Game made on AppGameKit Classic
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