Prophet Solomon

Rating: 5/5

Prophet Solomon Application is a digitally enriched version of MULTİBEM’s story book Prophet Solomon. Our application has been prepared with the aim of making children love reading and making fun with interactive application.

You can access the text at the same time while following our book aloud in the application. You can make the usage process more enjoyable with the page-specific animations by clicking the marks on each page. In this way, children will approach reading books with a new and active perspective. You can access the English text of the book at the same time by clicking on the “English” language option. In the future, our voice over options in English and different languages ​​will be added.

With this application, which is prepared for over 3-4 years old, children will read the life of the Prophet Solomon in a fun way, and will gain the ability to read and listen.

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