PodTrans Pro Serial Code – Free Unlimited Giveaway

PodTrans Pro Serial Code – Free Unlimited Giveaway

 pod trans

PodTrans Pro can be helpful for all iPod users who are fed up with tedious iTunes syncing. And more importantly, for users who get a computer hard drive crash, or loss of laptop, or just want to rebuild music collection from iPod.

How to get PodTrans Pro Serial Code for free ?

1. Go to the promo page here

2. Click Download now

3. The serial key is : 36BQ-UT4D-LEPB-PKIN-R36K

  1. juan

    excellent thank you.It’s so useful

    • Emperor

      We are glad that we could help you.
      Please do tell your friends to check the site everyday for new software 🙂

  2. Dinu

    Its not working for me Please help I need to transfer the music from my Iphone to my Computer and the Key is not working . Please Emperor my email dinesh_gaikwad@aol.in

    • Emperor

      The Giveaway was of 29th April.
      Now it has expired so its not working for you and there is nothing we can do for it now, all we can say is keep coming back to our site everyday and grab the offer on the same day.

      Keep looking we might give the same application again.

  3. Mansi

    Good article podtrans is ultimate ipod manager..

    • Emperor

      Thanks for the appreciation.
      Yes indeed it is one of the best, even i use the same 🙂

  4. Keri

    I need the code :((

    • Emperor

      Sorry we cant provide the codes, those are giveaways by the company itself. Keep looking, next time when we release the software you can grab it then.

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