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PicaJet is a powerful, feature-rich, but highly customizable and convenient digital photo management and image database software that will efficiently organize your fast-growing digital image collection.

Although PicaJet is designed as a standalone digital asset management system, you can use it in a network environment. Organize your image categories with no limitations on nesting depth! PicaJet utilizes OpenGL graphic acceleration and optimized image processing techniques to index your photo collection at blazingly fast speeds. One of the most important benefits of the Picajet digital photo management tools is the ability to assign ONE picture to SEVERAL categories simultaneously. PicaJet also allows you to customize categories with icons from a standard icon set or it can generate the icon from the imported image itself.

How to get PicaJet for free ?

1. Go to the promo page here

2. Click Download PicaJet now.

3. Install and activate.