PhotoZoom 7 Classic

PhotoZoom 7 is the world-leading software solution for enlarging and reducing of digital images and graphics. The software not only creates larger images than any other known software (up to 1 million x 1 million pixels) but also creates higher quality images. PhotoZoom 7 uses S-Spline Max, a prizewinning technology for resizing images which guarantees impressive clean edges, sharpness and fine details.

  • Enhanced speed: even faster image processing.
  • Optimized presets for different types of photos and graphics.
  • The special solution for clean scaling of photos and graphics.
  • Loss-free enlargement of up to 800%.
  • Prints images directly from PhotoZoom.
  • Perfect sharpness with retention of the finest details.
  • Maximum performance level of patented S-Spline technology.

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