Photo Slideshow Creator Pro

Photo Slideshow Creator Pro is perfect to create amazing slideshows with music quickly and easily. With Photo Slideshow Creator Pro, you add the photos, and right away you can preview and create your slideshow. With Photo Slideshow Creator Pro slideshow maker with music you create 4K and HD slideshows effortlessly. The program has 50+ different transitions including fade-out, slide across, 3D effects, pixelation, and 40+ different others. You can add and order photos easily by drag & drop. With this picture slideshow maker you can create a picture slideshow as easily as you might organize photos in an album. You can add multiple audio tracks to be the soundtrack of your slideshow, you can apply fade-in and fade-out effects to the soundtrack, you can randomize slides and transitions in one click, and you are offered other useful shortcuts as well. Main Features: 1. Slideshow creation in a few clicks 2. 4K and HD photo slideshow software 3. 50+ different transitions including 3D effects, blur, pixelation, stretch, flash, and many more… 4. User interface entirely drag & drop operated making it a very easy to use video slideshow maker 5. Wizard help to select output format. 6. Support for all most important formats: MP4, WMV, MOV, 3GP, AVI, MPG, MKV 7. WYSIWYG Preview Feature: You see exactly what your slideshow will look like after created. Extra Features: 1. One click shortcuts to randomize transitions and to randomize slides 2. One click shortcuts to randomize transitions 3. Ability to upload your slideshow to YouTube If you’re looking to create amazing sileshows with music Photo Slideshow Creator Pro can get the work done quicly and easily.
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