Pepi Doctor

Pepi Doctor for Iphone. Is your kid afraid of the doctors? What about dentists? Try a little help from a child-friendly PEPI DOCTOR! Enjoy this cheerful role game where children play a Doctor and cure three little patients Amber, Eva and Milo. It’s easy and fun to be a Doctor in this game: the player will explore a variety of doctors’ tools and get to cure five different diseases at his own pace. Play PEPI DOCTOR and see how you can help Amber, Eva and Milo who got ill: caught a cold, is sneezing, has a sore throat and running nose, is covered in scrapes or has an aching tooth. What else? You’ll get to try an X-ray to locate a broken bone! After successfully curing each disease, the Doctor will also get an emotional reward from little patients and receive their smiles and applauds. In addition to all of this, we believe that PEPI DOCTOR also serves as a playful reminder of some hygiene and safe behavior habits. Take up a Doctor’s role, chose a character as well as disease you want to cure, and have a nice play! Key Features: · 3 cute characters; · 5 diseases to cure; · More than 20 different doctors’ tools; · Great animations and sounds; · Needs no translation; · No win or lose situations; · No in-app purchases. Recommended ages: 3-6
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