Paragon Hard Disk Manager 17.10.2

25th Anniversary Edition of Paragon Hard Disk Manager exclusively for Giveaway of the Day for a limited time only and free of charge. Don’t miss your chance and download it now! NB: Follow Readme instructions to activate the offer. The all-inclusive data management tool for tech-savvy PC users encompasses three indispensable system management tools: Backup & Recovery, Partition Manager and Disk Wiper, all of which are easily accessible from a single UI. Advanced users can create more sophisticated scenarios from defining a specific backup strategy. What’s in the tool? User interface color scheme, intuitive controls, and comprehensive UX. Granular partitioning for power users: ● Undelete, merge, move, resize partitions; ● Easily edit and view sectors in the built-in hex editor; ● Convert partitions into primary or logical; ● Perform a surface test to identify bad sectors. Backup & Recovery delivers smart, automated backup strategies and system recovery management. Partition Manager provides hard disk storage organization and optimization. Whenever internal drives run low on disk space due to multiple partitions accommodating different systems and data types, this feature resizes partitions to maximize available storage capacity. Disk Wiper is a professional data erasure tool that ensures safe HDD and SSD recycling and information security. Home users can permanently wipe sensitive data before transferring a computer to a third party, thus protecting their privacy and eliminating the risk of personal data misuse. Disk Wiper employs more than 10 algorithms adopted by military and government organizations worldwide.
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