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Strory You a hero, so have to explore a world full of dangers. overcome various difficulties, traps and demons. Beware of because the danger is waiting at every turn. Can you prove to yourself that you are the hero and rid

Simple Repeat Timer

Simple Repeat Timer for Iphone. One of the simplest timers ever, beautifully designed. iPhone Giveaway of the Day

Candy Runner – Run and Jump

Rating: 0/5 Candy Runner run and jump, * Run fast with the speed*Jump fast with the speed * Set a High Score* Unlock new scenes* Amazing graphics * All new runner game* All new jumper game* Challenge the fast speed Your

ThunderSoft DRM Removal 2.12.20

ThunderSoft DRM Removal help you convert drm protected M4V videos from both iTunes purchases and rentals to lossless standard MP4 file. With fast conversion process, you can get drm-free MP4 files within minutes. This software also supports other iTunes media, Movie,

Emoji Camera – taking colorful photos with emojis

Emoji Camera – taking colorful photos with emojis for Iphone. Emoji camera makes it easy and fun to turn your favorite moments into cool-looking memories. iPhone Giveaway of the Day

Complex Number Calculator | Polar Complex Calc

Rating: 4.4/5 Feature-rich, powerful, easy-to-use complex number calculator to calculate complex numbers in any form including rectangular and polar forms of complex numbers. Use this complex calculator as a full scientific calculator to evaluate mathematical expressions containing real, imaginary and, in


Funnel for Iphone. Hourly audio news summaries from outlets like BBC, NPR, WSJ, CBC, VOA, Fox 5 and more. iPhone Giveaway of the Day