oretheme-01 KLWP Skin Pack

Rating: 5/5

Contains 8 types of theme skins that can be used with the KLWP PRO version.

In addition to 00_sotai, which sets global variables that are convenient when creating a new theme with KLWP, there are various types such as typographic, simple, and card-type ones.

** How to use 00_sotai
Some global variables are preset. Normally, when KLWP is used in Japanese, $ df (EEEE) $ will be written in Japanese such as “Wednesday”. Global variables are set so that this can be written in English even in a Japanese environment.
$ gv (EEEE) $ … Day of the week in English (short for EEE)
$ gv (MMMM) $ … Month name in English (short for MMM) Please refer to the page.
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