OKmusi MP3 Downloader Pro 10.0.1

Search keywords or paste URL You can find any music you want via artist, song, album, and even lyrics. Also, you can search music by pasting a URL. 320kbps MP3 music download Easy to download Hi-Res music ranged from 96k to 320k in MP3, M4A, WebM and more audio formats. For each song, you can play the track before downloading. Discover 1,000+ supported sites The “Browse” section is a hub for more than 1,000 sites. Besides, it enables in-app search, so you don’t need to visit these sites on a web browser. Batch download It is easy to download multiple songs from the search results at one go. Moreover, you can download a full playlist to MP3 with one click. Built-in MP3 player After the music downloaded, you don’t need to play it with a third-party player. OKmusi is an MP3 player itself. No ads, no plugins It is completely clean, without ads, clickbait, plugins, or malware.
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