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MyQueries is the companion app for your life in the city (or your customers/citizens/employees).
Stop typing the same requests again and again, for example when you need bus time-tables on the go for your favorite routes.
Create and store recurring or useful queries, launch them when you are in hurry.
The app will send a query, automatically composing it with current location, time (+/-Δ), text input, if they are part of the request.
Possible targets are: Search (assistant), GMaps, Urls and Deep-links.
Avoid cumbersome interfaces and pointless animations.
Use tag filters to switch context or to make relevant queries surface in the list only when they are needed or useful.
Time and location are available in several customizable formats.
Create powerful textual requests or url strings and deep-links to your favorite websites or apps.
Easy voice or keyboard input for text parameters, if needed.
Exploit A.I. on your device with meaningful requests that lead to other apps (A.I. gradually improves to best suit your needs and habits).
Launch-views for queries can be customized with HTML.
Queries can be exported/imported, shared.

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