MyConnection PC Advanced – Free Unlimited Giveaway

MyConnection PC Advanced – Free Unlimited Giveaway

MyConnection PC Advanced

MyConnection PC Advanced performs a variety of connection tests to provide you with a detailed performance analysis of any network connection. With MyConnection PC Advanced, you’ll enjoy automated testing that identifies congestion, over-subscription, and other intermittent problems that affect your connection quality. You can even use MyConnection PC Advanced to measure the speed of your connection by testing packet flow and packet health, so you can make sure that the speeds advertised in your broadband package match up with the real thing.

If you’ve ever wondered if your connection problems were inherent in your network or somewhere “out there” on the Internet, MyConnection PC Advanced can give you the answer. The program features a routing test that measures the route between two test points, identifying issues and graphing each hop to identify the source of problems!

How to get MyConnection PC Advanced for free ?

1. Go to the promo page here

2. Click Get it for free

3. Follow On-screen instructions.

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