Monster In The Dark

The Monster In The Dark is designed to provide a single-player horror experience. You must manage to escape from the monster, using your inner senses, running away from the monster, intuitively feeding to find a way out, you must become a player who must cope with this situation, using a three-dimensional field using in yourself to develop intuition and thinking and orientation. determine the sides of the horizon, determine your location relative to the sides of the horizon. Moreover, you do not need to run away only … You can also hunt him. This is the heartbeat from colliding with a monster after a step. Escape or Hunt! As a Survivor, you have two options 1. Lure a monster so that it loses its orientation. 2. Or find a way out of the forest. Single player game You should give it a try if you think you can defeat the Monster on your own! Nightmare Mode Look for houses, try to hide in order to deceive the Monster that is catching up with you! You will use a flashlight to see the silhouette of an object approaching you!
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