LoveNeuro: Student-Led Neuroscience App

Rating: 4.3/5

Note: LoveNeuro is only available in English.

Are you at school or university and studying the human nervous system? Are you a teacher or lecturer looking to inspire your students? Are you curious about how the human body works? If so, then LoveNeuro is for you.

LoveNeuro is an educational app designed by a student, for students. It runs across a variety of Android smartphones and tablets, with the aim of bringing the human nervous system to life for its users. This app contains a variety of useful resources to help you learn and remember the complex but amazing nervous system. Sections 1.0. – 4.0. are easy-to-understand notes and specially picked diagrams that explain the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system, from the cellular level up to the gross anatomical level. Section 5.0. provides more than 90 interactive quiz questions to test your neuroscience knowledge.

Section 6.0. introduces the Inking Zone – use a stylus or touch to annotate blank templates of the nervous system and then share the completed diagrams to your favourite cloud storage or note-taking apps for revision later. Section 7.0. offers four video tutorials (Alzheimer’s disease, the HPA axis, spinal cord and the action potential). Section 8.0. contains The Neuroscience Dictionary and a recommended reading list.

Throughout LoveNeuro you’ll find clinical, research and revision notes that help to put your knowledge in context. The app also provides an ‘Email a Question’ feature to support your learning.

With all these great resources available, why not give LoveNeuro a go?
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