LastPass Premium [12 Months] Free Giveaway



To manage your passwords in  a simple and secure way all you need to have is the last pass premium account offering you some most prominent and other than usual services. its the most popular and amazing password manager.

LastPass Premium Key Features:

  • Automatic form filling
  • One click login
  • Protect your data against phishing scams and identity theft!
  • Synchronize across multiple browsers/computers
  • Store secure private notes
  • Securely BACKUP & RESTORE  your passwords
  • Generate hack-proof passwords with a single click
  • Virtual screen keyboard – Protect from Keyloggers
  • Access your data anywere with computers or mobile devices
  • Security Challenge – Identify weak passwords


How to get this Giveaway:

  1. Go to Giveaway Page
  2. Click on Download