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Kestrel GX is a fast and easy to use digital photo manager and photo editor software. With Kestrel GX managing and editing photos is a breeze, as it enables you to import photos from your camera, edit them and catalog them with incredible ease. Kestrel GX lets you attach searchable keywords and description to each photo file so it can be searched easily.

Kestrel GX can also catalog photos that are on external media such as: DVD, flash drive or external hard disk and you can search through the photo collection even when your external media is not connected. Kestrel GX’s powerful cataloging and search functions are supplemented with a range of supporting functionalities. You will be able to: convert your images to several other formats, create photo books, build your own printing and watermark templates, view slideshows, perform several batch operations like resize, rotate, flip, rename and much more.

And if you are new to photo editing, Kestrel GX’s built-in photo editor will help you edit your photos like a pro in just 10 simple steps! You can also enhance your images with a wide range of special effects like filters, frames, vignettes, polaroid effect, tilt-shift effect and more.

How to get the Kestrel GX for free ?

1 Go to the promo page here

2. Click Download Kestrel GX now

3. Install and activate it.