Into Samomor

Rating: 4.7/5

Into Samomor (old name: The Room of 2 Monsters) is a pixel art horror psychology puzzle and a story-driven RPG game that you can play offline. In Into Samomor, you’ll make choices, battling monsters, solving puzzles, and finding clues to make a decision on who should be saved and who should be killed.

Jack, a high schooler, suddenly vanished without a trace while crossing the Samomor forest. The search team gave up and closed the case after many months of searching for clues, and called it one of the most mysterious missing person cases in the town. The bizarre thing is they only investigated the area outside the forest. When everything seemed to have faded with time, one sole person still remembered everything. He decided to head deep inside the Samomor forest. He knew something had happened in its depths, and he knew Jack was waiting for him there.

β—‹ A dark twisted story to uncover
For a story-driven game, we can’t not have a rich twisted story to follow along. With around 3 hours of gameplay for the early access version, I hope my game will satisfy you and all the horror RPG puzzle fans out there. πŸ™‚

β—‹ Cute pixel art style
Cute but deadly and full of secrets.

β—‹ Play inside the forest full of dark secrets with twists and turns
The world from Into Samomor might look small but every path consists of mysteries waiting for you to explore. Secret puzzles, locked doors, mini-games and more stories.

β—‹ Solve puzzles in multiple ways, sometimes by murdering people instantly
As a story-driven and a RPG horror puzzle game, every puzzles from Into Samomor can be solved multiple ways. Sometimes you’ll have to make hard choices but sometimes you can just kill everyone. Do what you want to do and see the outcomes.

β—‹ Battles’ difficulty change depend on your actions from previous puzzles
Not just a story-driven RPG horror puzzle game, in Into Samomor, you’ll have to pay attention to your health and be careful of some of your choices you’re gonna make. One wrong choice may lead your character to become weaker, therefore all the monsters might become harder to defeat.

β—‹ Puzzles change if situations change
Some puzzles from the game change accordingly to your choices and that also change the story from that specific puzzle. Some choices also change the atmosphere of the game.

β—‹ A world with Innocent yet manipulative NPCs
Every NPC has an unique story tell but many lies to manipulate. Find clues and figure what has happened wisely or you’ll drive the story to another direction.

β—‹ Travel through the forest with a dog
In Into Samomor, you won’t travel alone through this whole story-driven horror RPG puzzle game. You’ll travel with a dog that somehow shares the same name as you. The dog will help you find clues to solve puzzles and help your choice making progress easier.

Developer Note: What you see in Into Samomor Early Access version is not what the final product looks like, but while it’s under development, I hope you’ll enjoy my pixel art horror psychology puzzle story-driven game. πŸ™‚ β™₯

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