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INSIGHT HEART – The human heart expedition

– Platinum at the 2021 MUSE Creative Awards
– German Design Award Winner 2019 – Excellent Communications Design
– Apple Keynote 2017 (Demo Area) – USA / Cupertino, Sept 12
– Apple, BEST OF 2017 – Tech & Innovation, Australia
– Apple, BEST OF 2017 – Tech & Innovation, New Zealand
– Apple, BEST OF 2017 – Tech & Innovation, USA

This is the first augmented reality App to be rolled out in a series of Apps created and designed for medical education purposes.

Our goal is to make medical education fascinating, explorable, and fun for students, physicians as well as accessible to patients – anywhere and anytime, in or out of the classroom, lecture hall or living room. We have committed ourselves to take medical education one step further and have developed visually stunning and highly interactive content based on real life medical and scientific specifications.

Have you ever wondered what your heart looks like during a workout. Use your smartphone’s heart rate sensor (e.g. Samsung S8) to drive the heartbeat in realtime!

Using ARCore, INSIGHT HEART let’s users easily scan their physical surroundings and place the three-dimensional heart without the need of predefined markers. Our virtual assistant ANI will guide you through various states of the heart.

Explore the human heart like never before. Rotate and scale the high-resolution heart floating in front of you and feast your eyes on highly detailed 4k textures.

Trigger impressive visualizations of various conditions, such as:
– Normal Heart Rate
– Myocardial Infarction
– Arterial Hypertension
– Atrial Fibrillation
– Heart Failure

Dive into the detailed Mode of Disease of:
– Coronary Artery Disease
– Atrial Fibrillation
– Heart Failure

Some of these conditions could never be experienced live!

Explore this spatial application. As you walk towards the heart, the heartbeat becomes louder, due to the integrated spacial sound and to make this experience even more engaging you can also feel the heartbeat on the palm of your hand using haptic feedback of your device.

Dive into the amazingly detailed model of the heart and explore the new blood flow simulation.

Tap on the spatial annotations to get more dedicated information for each region of the heart from every angle.

And there is a lot more to come – so stay tuned!
This and the other following apps in the INSIGHT-series will take medical education to a whole new level – no one has ever seen the human heart in this way before.

The ‘Insight Apps’ won the following awards:

INSIGHT LUNG – The human lung expedition
– Winner of the ‘German Medical Award 2021’
– Platinum at the ‘Muse Creative Awards 2021’
– Gold at the ‘Best Mobile App Awards 2021’

The ‘Insight Apps’ are nominated for the following awards:

INSIGHT KIDNEY – The human kidney expedition
– Nominated for the ‘German Medical Award’ 2023
– Nominated for the ‘German Design Award’ 2023
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