Inpatient Tracker

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App for healthcare professionals to document daily patients clinical status and data during the hospitalization.
Must have for healthcare professionals/students/residents from all fields of medicine (internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, etc.) to keep list and short notes of their hospitalized patient at hand at any time.

– interacitve list of patients
– patient data – personal patient data, date of admission, room, etc.
– daily SOAP format (subjective, objective, assessment and plan components) progress notes – clinical data, lab. results, plan, etc.
– predefined and customizable auto-text shortcuts (e.g.: SAMPLE, SOCRATES,…)
– export/share notes

Main screen shows scrollable list of all patients with personal data and latest SOAP entry. By clicking on individaul patient entry on the list, individal SOAP data for each hospitalization day are displayed and can be edited. Predefined customizable shortcut buttons can be used for faster input.

Have list of your patients always at hand. Take short (or long) progress notes faster. Use tempates and save standard terms, phrases and descriptors on customizable shortcut buttons. Export or share progress notes with others or other apps.
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