Innoart MindU Mediations-App 1 Year Premium Giveaway

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MindU helps you reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus, sleep and breathe better, stay relaxed and more. Meditate for just 5 minutes each day to calm your mind and shape your life for health, fitness and happiness!


►Calm breathing- A simple step-by-step guide to practicing breathing techniques and finding ways to balance your body.

►Simple meditations- The guided and easy-to-follow meditations help you to relieve anxiety, anguish and depression and to achieve a calm mind.

►Mindful living- Bring your thoughts, emotions and experiences into the moment, keeping your mind where your body is.

►Deep sleep- The mind-calming exercises help you to relax, fall asleep quickly, and sleep deeply at night.

►Self-healing- A few simple steps to bring peace to your body by changing the frequency and flow of your energy.

►Heart rate monitor – Measure your heart rate accurately.


►White noise and music for a better sleep to reduce stress and anxiety

►Hundreds of guided meditations exercises for focus and calm

►Breathing exercises to help you relax

►Track your heart rate to stay fit every day

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