Home Darkness – Escape?

Home Darkness – Escape Home Darkness – Escape, is a classic Hidden Object game, you will combine items, resolve puzzle, and find treasure!You have to play a man who spent his whole life searching for treasure. After finding historical information, he decided to search for an ancient hidden treasure in an old house. Our hero does not suspect what secrets and riddles await anyone who decides to enter this mysterious house. Gameplay: You start the game on the first floor of a strange house, your task is to find treasures.Two floors with many rooms are waiting for you. In each room you have to solve a lot of puzzles. Without the solution you can’t go to the next room of this old house. With every unlock room, your chance will grow to find the jewels of this eerie house. Not only puzzles will prevent you from finding treasure to you, but also a terrible monster that guards the treasure. Collect items, combine them. Interact with the objects on the locations. Defeat the watchman of this awful house. Find the treasure and run!Beautiful graphics and musical environnement will dip you into a gloomy and aesthetic tale.
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