Grim puzzles

Gloomy picture puzzles. Each level consists of 49 elements that will have to be rotated to match all the elements. The game contains 10 levels of medium difficulty. The game has a choice of levels and you can start guessing at once any puzzle of your choice. The faster you finish the game, the more points you get. If you do not have time to finish the game, you can save it and continue playing at any time, each level will be saved separately. The pictures become a little more complicated with each level. Put all the elements correctly and you will be able to enter your name in the general table of records. If you are at a loss, then click the icon with a question mark and the game will tell you where to put the desired element. In the game, you can flip through the levels without going through them if they caused difficulty in passing, just press the arrow to the right. The game will delight you with nice graphics and calm music.
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