GOM Cam Pro

Join and win one of the 30 yearly licenses for GOM Cam Pro! GOM Cam is a complete capture suite that lets you record and edit content before sharing it online. It allows you to record anything on your PC Screen, whether that be webcam feed, presentations, video calls, or game screens. With GOM Cam you can record what you see on your PC screen exactly as it appears, and record all audio outputs from your PC as well. This allows you to create more dynamic videos. Key Features include: 1) Easy To Use: The intuitive UI allows anyone to use GOM Cam easily. GOM Cam saves you time and effort by helping you get straight to recording what you want. 2) Easy Sharing: You can share your videos on YouTube or Vimeo and upload your videos to Google Drive. 3) Audio Extraction: Extract audio from recorded clips and save it as a file. This is useful when you want to listen to background music only, or study languages. 4) Real-Time Recording: All of the functions, including drawing, enlarging/reducing the recording screen, and the effects settings are executed in real-time. 5) Continuous Capture: Continuous capture is supported for your set time and desired quantity. 6) GIF Animation: Make funny animated GIFs with just a few clicks. 7) Webcam Recording: By connecting a webcam to your PC, you can record everything captured through your device. If you connect multiple webcams, you can merge the images into one video. GOM Cam also allows you to fill the video background with any images you want by using the chroma key function. 8) Slide Reader: An integrated assistant geared toward commenting in real time PowerPoint presentations, while you talk and show your face via webcam. 9) Drawing Option: It’s easy to create online lectures and other video content with a drawing option on the screen during video recording. 10) Game Recording: It is somewhat more of a “luxury” feature when it comes to detecting game windows. Among its features, you’ll find one that measures frames per second that displays in real time. 11Video Editing: It has quick edit and advanced edit features that let you add music, and crop sections of clips as you see fit. 12 Easy File Management: You can set tags (keywords) for saved files on the file list, and then search files easily using the set tags. Overall, GOM Cam is a great tool with various uses and capabilities. It stands out, not only for its independent features, but for the fact that it integrates all the steps necessary in order to publish videos online, all in a single tool. Its post-production features mean that you can skip using complex editing suites, making it perfect for any user regardless of experience with tools of this kind. It’s extremely convenient having various capture tools all together under one roof. Please note: The license is valid for 1 year
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